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Why ITEA 2

Facing up to new challenges

The rationale for ITEA's launch was a response to the fact that the digital age is imminent and the digital transition is proceeding rapidly. Changes that are far-reaching and global. Software is the key to this revolution. ITEA was the first concerted strategic R&D initiative addressing this challenge, mounted by European industry.


Today, we are facing the second wave in this digital transition – often called the ‘embedded’ or ‘ambient intelligence’ revolution. This is deeply penetrating the very fabric of the physical world and our interaction in and with this world, enabled by ubiquitous communications and intelligence in even the smallest objects – sometimes metaphorically called ‘smart dust/smart things’.


This revolution is marked by ever-increasing software intensity and systems complexity and accompanied by a move from the classical product-oriented world towards a seamless services-oriented one. In other words, it is all about embedded software-intensive systems and services of unprecedented complexity and about digital convergence, ITEA’s core interest from its very beginnings.


In addition to this new set of technological and resulting business challenges, the overall context has also dramatically changed, marked by:

In other words, the challenges and threats to European competitiveness and well-being are even higher today – including in world-leading sectors such as the automotive, mobile phone, aeronautics, and manufacturing and process industries. Relentless innovation is our sole means of maintaining the European model – i.e. the triple societal benefits of growth, employment and quality of life.


Responding to these revolutionary challenges, ITEA 2 maintains the successful principal vision of ITEA, updated to the new global context, ‘for Europe to maintain leadership in this new era of embedded Software-intensive Systems and Services building on key European strengths and industries’.


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