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Vision & strategy

European leadership in Software-intensive Systems and Services
– the future of embedded and distributed software –

ITEA 2 will maintain the momentum established by ITEA and builds firmly on the success and lessons from ITEA.


Software is the key to the digital revolution that is an integral part of our industrial and societal future as we face up to the second wave in this digital transition. Responding to these revolutionary challenges, ITEA 2 maintains the successful principal vision of ITEA, updated to the new global context:


for Europe to maintain leadership in this new era of embedded Software-intensive Systems and Services, building on key European strengths and industries.


The new global context is based on the key competitive challenges for Europe:

Dramatic shift to embedded SiS

The core challenge of ITEA 2 is to face up to the dramatic shift to embedded SiS that is affecting all aspects of everyday life:

Key strategies

ITEA already advocated and championed a European Framework for Innovation, including supporting active public procurement policies, based on the experiences in the programme. Fostering innovation is a cornerstone of ITEA 2. It will principally follow successful proven ITEA strategies adapted to the new challenge and new context:

ITEA 2 will continue to develop the ITEA Technology Roadmap that has been a distinct success factor in ITEA. And it will maintain a strong focus on application domains and supporting software production technology and tools.


Our vision and strategy are described in the ITEA 2 Blue Book: "European leadership in Software-intensive Systems and Services" dated September 2005 (see also other publications).