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ITEA Symposium shows first projects to be on target

Toulouse, 14 September 2000

ITEA Symposium Toulouse 2000 press release 14-09-2000 word-document - 47 kB


ITEA works to give European industry a key to success: world-class software based on world-class standards for software-instensive systems


The pan-European initiative, Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA) today holds its first symposium in Toulouse, France. The symposium will showcase the work of ITEA.


ITEA believes that European economic growth will be accelerated substantially if European industry can become self-sufficient in software - developed to the right standards, of the right quality, of high reliability and delivered within the right time-frames.


Delegates attending its first ever symposium will hear how ITEA is working to make this objective become a reality. They will also learn of ITEA's efforts to achieve standardisation in European software systems, a move that will enable the reuse of software platforms and components, and increase the use of common interfaces, platforms and protocols. ITEA strongly believes that product and service innovation will come about more rapidly when software solutions can be developed more quickly.


Today's symposium highlights the pan-European strategies that have been designed to encourage co-operation in specific industries and generate links with the scientific world. It's also an opportunity for ITEA's work to be discussed by participating countries, and for their delegates to debate and explore the issues faced when seeking to achieve European economic growth through technological development. In particular, options for new software businesses (at SME level) will be examined.


An organisation funded by 15 countries, ITEA is committed to the development of European world-class software competencies and will address the strategic rationale for co-operation at European level in the area of software research and development.


Such development is founded on transparent software systems of which most consumers remain unaware. Mobile telephony is a good example of such a system. But software exists in embedded forms throughout our environment: in cars, aircraft, televisions and cameras, microwaves and dishwashers, to give just a few examples.


World-class software is essential for the commercial success of these products and systems, likewise demands for rich functionality in the internet and mobile computer and telephone networks require a degree of commonality in standards that haven't been seen before.


As well as addressing standards and quality, ITEA intends to promote research that will have an impact on software reliability. While software systems need to be increasingly adaptable to local and individual needs, reliability and trust are ever more important. Security and safety will become more important issues as online transactions become normality. Reliability is crucial in an increasing number of areas such as power control, infrastructure management and healthcare, for example.


At the symposium, ITEA will also discuss the consequences of the limited availability of qualified personnel who are able to push forward software research and development. By sharing research responsibilities across industries, and throughout Europe, and by creating a co-operative environment for research, ITEA believes that the industry will explore all possible options in preparation of new standards and platforms.


Since July 1999, 14 ITEA backed projects have been started. With the co-operation and support of all European countries, within the EUREKA framework for research and development, Europe can lead innovation in personal electronic devices, infrastructures and associated services, as has already been seen with the global success of GSM.

For further information about ITEA, visit its web site: www.itea-office.org.


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