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Structure of ITEA 2

The ITEA 2 Board, Board Support Group and Steering Group are formed by representatives of the companies that are founding members of ITEA 2.



The ITEA 2 Board


As the top executive body in ITEA 2, the Board is responsible for the strategy and coherence of the whole programme. It establishes general rules for programme management, interfaces with Public Authorities for programme strategy and co-funding, and issues ITEA 2 labels.

Chairman of the Board:
Rudolf Haggenmüller


Gérard Roucairol


The Board members are from:
- Airbus
- Alcatel
- Barco
- Bosch
- Bull
- DaimlerChrysler
- European Federation of High Tech SMEs
- Italtel
- Nokia
- Philips
- Siemens
- Telvent
- Thales
- Thomson

Board Support Group


The Board is assisted by the Board Support Group, which approves project proposals and recommends projects for labelling. It is responsible for the operational management of the programme, taking into account the strategic objectives and resources of ITEA 2.

Rudolf Haggenmüller


Gérard Roucairol


Steering Group


The ITEA Steering Group is the technical brain behind the programme. It makes recommendations on strategic orientation and is responsible for the initiation of projects, their evaluation and monitoring. It recommends projects for selection and labelling and for priority setting and ranking by the ITEA 2 Board Support Group.

Gérard Roucairol


ITEA 2 Office


The ITEA 2 Office is part of the combined office for the former ITEA programme as well as for ITEA 2, and will execute office tasks for both.


The Office assists the ITEA 2 bodies with coordination, administration and organisation. As a central contact point and meeting place for the whole of ITEA 2, it is the programme's interface with the outside world.

Office Director:
Fopke Klok

ITEA 2 and the Public Authorities


The Public Authorities that support ITEA 2 harmonise and synchronise measures related to the ITEA 2 programme in order to ensure continuity and optimal execution of the programme. They interface directly with the ITEA 2 Board and the ITEA 2 Board Support Group.


ITEA 2 Directors
ITEA 2 Board
ITEA 2 Authorities
Commitee (ITAC)
ITEA 2 Board
Support Group


Directors Committee


The Directors Committee fulfils the same functions for Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and UK (plus the European Commission) as the Board does for the companies involved in ITEA 2. It determines the broad scope of these Public Authorities' interactions with ITEA 2. The Directors Committee and the ITEA 2 Board meet at least once a year.




The ITAC (ITea Authorities Committee) has a similar relationship with the Directors Committee as the ITEA 2 Board Support Group has with the ITEA 2 Board. The ITAC and Board Support Group meet approximately four times a year.