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National funding details



Estimated envelope / Percentage of funding

The Spanish National R&TD Plan is composed of thematic areas, each one divided into National Programs and Strategic Actions.


The IST area includes the following:

  • National programme on Electronics and Communications Technology
  • Strategic action on Digital TV
  • National programme on Informatics
  • National programme on Technologies of Services in the Information Society
  • Horizontal action on Trust and Security on Information and Communications


  • Industries (including SMEs)
  • Public and private research institutes (*)
  • Universities (*)

(*) Only participants in cooperative projects. Solicitant should be an industry


Modalities of funding:

  • Loans: up to 75% of the total budget of the project. Payback term: 7 years, including a 2 years grace period.
  • Grants: The following percentages:
    • Industrial research: up to 50% (60% for SMEs)
    • Technological development: up to 25% (35% for SMEs)
Funding situation / Application rules

Types of projects:

  • Individual project
  • Cooperative project: led by and industry who acts as coordinator and responsible to the Spanish Administration

Items suceptibles of funding:

  • Direct labour costs
  • Subcontractings up to 50% of budget
  • Fungible materials
  • Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Other general expenses (overheads and travel expenses) with a limit of 15% of labour costs

All the expenses should be directly related to project.


The procedure of funding is: Competitive calls.

Formalities to be fulfilled

Procedure of funding concession:

  • Publication of Call for funding in the Spanish Official Journal
  • Submission of applications:
    • Application and Questionnaire
    • Technical Project Proposal
  • The applications must be presented within the next 30 days after the call publication.
  • Evaluation: It will be carried out by the Ministry of Industry staff and other public institutions depending on the Ministry. Also external experts may be used.
  • Provisional notification: within 4 months after submission
  • Ministerial Resolution: within 6 months after submission
  • All payments will be advanced: companies must set up bank quarantees, if needed 
  • Justification of the project: Beneficiaries must submit the cost statement of all expenses and related technical report within 3 months after the end of the year financed.