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ITEA 2 Rules & Regulations

To provide you with information on the ITEA 2 processes and decisions mechanisms we issued the following documents:


  • ITEA 2 rules and regulations pdf-document - 4.361 kB

  • Project Proposer Handbook (PPH)
    In order to help those not familiar with making an ITEA 2 project proposal (Project Outline and/or Full Project Proposal) and/or coordinating an ITEA 2 project, we have prepared a Project Proposer handbook pdf-document - 2.850 kB

  • ITEA contribution rules
    For projects running in the ITEA programme the ITEA contribution rules version 2.08 are in force. ITEA contribution rules pdf-document - 45 kB

  • ITEA 2 contribution rules
    The ITEA 2 contribution rules apply to partners in projects in the ITEA 2 programme. 
     ITEA 2 contribution rules pdf-document - 34 kB