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ITEA Publications

Software intensive systems in the future 

Final Report

This study is dedicated to software intensive systems (SIS), and to the quantitative evaluation of the current and future situation and impact of software activities in the world economy. Public Authorities from France and the Netherlands as well as the ITEA Office commissioned two independent consulting companies to conduct the study: TNO and IDATE.  

Study TNO/IDATE: Software-intensive Systems in the future pdf-document - 709 kB


ITEA 2 Leaflet 

Short introduction to the ITEA 2 programme.
ITEA 2 leaflet pdf-document - 770 kB


ITEA 2 Blue Book

"European leadership in Software-intensive Systems and Services - The case for ITEA 2"

The ITEA 2 Blue Book outlines the rationale behind the ITEA 2 programme.


ITEA 2 Brief

"Investing in Software-intensive Systems - Investing in Europe's Future"
Download the PDF of the 12 pages brochure (available in different language versions)


ITEA Technology Roadmap for Software-Intensive Systems

ITEA Report on Open Source Software

ITEA Project leaflets

ITEA / ITEA 2 Programme Report

Co-report to the ITEA Programme Report 2004

Context Analysis for ITEA in 2004
Conducted by CEA LIST, France and INRIA, France. February 2005.

Download the PDF-file (3.8 Mb)

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