Software Development Process for Real/Time Embedded Software Systems (ITEA 99012)

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To develop a sound methodology that will enable the European software industry to give better support to the development of embedded real-time software.
From refrigerators to cars, ever-greater numbers of consumer goods are being computerised to provide additional benefits to the user. In products, such as cars, mobile phones and TV-sets, this increased functionality increases the complexity of the product. The software that powers these features is embedded and has to react in real-time to events from outside. This type of software is especially difficult to develop. The methodology that is being developed in the ITEA DESS project will help to engineer high quality software at reasonable costs within the time targets set.

The methodology will adapt modern object-oriented and component-based software development processes to the specific needs of the application. Based on the methodology, existing software tools and libraries will be provided that are tailored to the needs of DESS. Several demonstrators will show the applicability of the method within several application areas.

Preceding the definition of the DESS methodology, application-specific requirements are captured.

Once the methodology is defined, supporting methods and tools are characterised in detail, resulting in a complete process support environment for the DESS methodology. This includes:

  • UML with real-time extensions
  • Extended development tools
  • Templates and guidelines


  • Barco (B)
  • Bull (I)
  • Daimler Chrysler (D)
  • France Télécom (F)
  • INRIA (F)
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (B)
  • Philips (NL)
  • Siemens (D)
  • Simulog (F)
  • Thomson (F)
  • TU Eindhoven (NL)
  • TXT (I)
  • UNIS (CZ)
  • University of Paderborn (D)
  • University of Magdeburg (D)

Contact Person: Mr. Andy De Mets, [email protected]



The DESS Project has reached its end and has passed the ITEA review successfully.The defining of the DESS methodology document and the methodology are finalized.The detailed and consolidated specifications for tool extensions are finished. The DESS process models and process development guidelines have been drawn up.Dissemination has been done extensively and the Public Website has been updated.

Start: 10/1999
End: 12/2001

  • All internal and external deliverables have been completed and have been disseminated on the internal DESS Website.
  • Public deliverables and results have been issued for dissemination on the public website (
  • The DESS Methodology has been finalized and the overall DESS Methodology document has been drawn up.