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ITEA Projects

Projects in ITEA / ITEA 2 are bottom-up, industry-driven initiatives, involving complementary R&D efforts from at least two companies in two different EUREKA countries (according to EUREKA rules).


Our current project portfolio (ITEA + ITEA 2 projects) includes more than 100 projects, of which 52 have been finalised. As a reference frame for a classification of the projects and to give an overview of the coverage of the ITEA / ITEA 2 programme, we use the domains and technologies as described in the ITEA Technology Roadmap, edition 2.


Projects mapping into ITEA Roadmap Application Domains and Technology Clusters


Project information


To find information on currents ITEA projects, please indicate the project status, and the ITEA domains and technologies that interest you.


Project status:
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Domains: Home
Cyber Enterprise
Intermediation Services & Infrastructures
Services & Software Creation
Technologies: Content Acquisition & Processing
Content Representation
Data & Content Management
Network Transport
Network Services
Resource Management
Human-System Interaction
System Engineering
Software Engineering
Engineering Process Support

ITEA Roadmap domains & technologies

The 5 application domains:

The 11 categories of enabling technologies