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Project Calls

Second Call for Projects

Each year we issue a Call for Projects. Our second Call for Projects opened with a two-day  Project Outline preparation meeting,  on 24-25 January 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany. 


The Call is closed now - the deadline for Project Outlines (POs) was 30 March 2007.


Important dates ITEA 2 Call 2
Submission of Project Outlines 30 March 2007                

Each partner must send a Letter of Intent (LoI) to
the ITEA Office by postal mail. 
(to inform us, you may send a copy by fax in advance).

17 April 2007  
After the PO phase, successful candidates are requested to
submit a Full Project Proposal.
21 September 2007


For a more detailed schedule see the Call procedure.


ITEA 2 supports coordinated national funding submissions within the EUREKA framework and is a major contributor in the European Research Area (ERA). Our programme is open to partners from large industrial companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as research institutes and universities.

ITEA 2-labelled projects are bottom-up, industry-driven initiatives, involving complementary R&D from at least two companies in two different EUREKA countries. Projects involve between 40 and 300 person-years and typically last up to three years. Consortia should include partners from the three main categories: large industries, SMEs and universities/research institutes.

In ITEA, the predecessor programme of ITEA 2, we have so far supported 85 projects (of which 55 are completed and 30 are on-going).

It's our goal to reinforce the position of European industries through the labelling of innovative, pre-competitive, industry-driven R&D projects in software for software-intensive systems and services that will pave the way for quick implementation of practical products, systems and services.

That's why, in the evaluation of project proposals which is based upon the state-of-the-art in the domain, innovation as well as dissemination and future exploitation of the results (with a special focus on their impact on standards) are all important criteria. As long as they remain pre-competitive, projects may include a phase encompassing test beds for enabling the validation of concepts, implementations and/or services.

Each ITEA 2 Call follows a standard two-step procedure:

Once approved, proposals receive the ITEA 2 (EUREKA-endorsed) label, which can be used to support applications for national funding. For details contact your National Public Authority.

Technical content


The ITEA 2 Blue Book and the ITEA Technology Roadmap for Software-Intensive Systems form the basis for the technical content in this 2nd Call.



ITEA 2 is a non-profit organisation financed by project contributions, with the contribution rate based on the project participation per year, in person-years, paid in advance in two six-monthly instalments. Universities are exempted from this fee. For all other organisations the first 5 person-years per year are free of charge. For more details, see the ITEA 2 contribution rules pdf-document - 34 kB

For projects running in the ITEA programme the ITEA contribution rules version 2.08 are in force. ITEA contribution rules pdf-document - 45 kB

ITEA Roadmap domains & technologies

The 5 application domains:

The 11 categories of enabling technologies