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ITEA Achievement Award marks ambient computing breakthrough

Paris, 5 October 2006

Download: Press Release ITEA Achievement Award 2006 word-document - 101 kB


The 2006 Achievement Award for an outstanding contribution to the Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA) programme went to SIRENA. By developing a common service infrastructure for real-time embedded networked applications, this project makes it possible to embed web services in low-cost micro devices. With the fast growing use of service-oriented architecture (SOA) for building web-based applications, SIRENA proves this popular approach can be applied successfully to such devices. This could form the basis of a new market delivering a wide range of applications on heterogeneous smart embedded devices in networked systems and position Europe at the forefront of innovations in ambient computing.


Framework for embedded systems

SOA is primarily intended to make networked resources available as platform-independent Internet services on a wider geographic scale. SIRENA’s universal framework is based on the same principles at the level of embedded solutions. It enables creation of distributed control and command systems with intelligence obtained through network-based co-operation of various smart and small devices equipped with sensing/actuating capabilities. The infrastructure allows high-level communications between networked devices and sophisticated new embedded applications.


Applicable across multiple domains

SIRENA technology addresses a broad spectrum of domains including home and industrial automation, automotive electronics and medical instrumentation. The standardisation resulting from the SIRENA approach opens a market for developing novel applications and enables the birth of new actors in those domains.

SIRENA paves the way to where disparate application fields are converging and various devices are used indifferently in several areas. Instead of having a specific standard per business sector, SIRENA now provides a universal alternative suitable for many sectors.


Fostering innovation

Technological advances in SIRENA enable integration of greater intelligence in small devices, while embedded devices become ubiquitous and IP networking reaches the lowest levels of device hierarchy. Such ‘machine-to-machine’ communications between intelligent devices of all kinds will create new opportunities in all application areas covered by SIRENA. Hence, the market is vast and expanding. Device manufacturers including Schneider Electric, EADS, Siemens Business Services and ZIV are already implementing the project results. SMEs in this project, like ESC, Inerva, iXtronics and Traveltainer will use the results in their products and/or services in the near future. Tool manufacturers or integrators such as CapGemini and Materna are providing corresponding tools and integration methodologies. Results were achieved in close co-operation with the research partners Fraunhofer FIRST, Robotiker, University of Paderborn, University of Dortmund and the University of Rostock.


Leading co-operative programme

The EUREKA ITEA 2 Cluster is Europe’s leading co-operative pre-competitive R&D programme for software-intensive systems (SiS) – a vital driver of innovation and the cornerstone of Europe’s most competitive industries. Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in embedded SiS with a dramatic increase in use of electronics and SiS in cars, aircraft, medical systems, mobile communications and consumer appliances from televisions and DVD players to refrigerators.


ITEA 2, the successor to ITEA, brings together partners from large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutes and universities in strategic SiS projects. Organisations participating share a vision of how to spread use of digital software technology to improve European competitiveness. Projects are industry driven and build crucial middleware, prepare common standards and establish solid technology platforms, laying the foundation for the next generation of products, systems, appliances and services.

This huge effort is supported by close co-operation between European national public authorities, ITEA founding companies, SMEs and start-ups, universities and research institutes.


The ITEA Achievement Award

The ITEA Board presents the Achievement Award for high-level technical contributions based on true European collaboration that provide significant results and promote the programme and its goals. Each year, this prestigious honour highlights a highly successful project that represents best practice. Major factors include innovation, exploitation and dissemination.

As ITEA aims to make Europe’s industry more competitive, effective industrial exploitation of project results is crucial. This can include:

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