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ITEA 2 Symposium 2006: European research excellence for competitive software-intensive systems and services

Paris, 5 October 2006

Note: This press release is also available in French.


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The annual ITEA 2 (Information Technology for European Advancement) Symposium takes place in Paris, France on 5 and 6 October 2006. This event will provide a critical insight into one of Europe’s most important industry-driven strategic information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives in a dramatically changing digital world. ITEA 2 focuses on pre-competitive research in embedded and distributed software-intensive systems, together with the underlying electronics, to drive innovation.


There will be a lively programme with an opening speech by François Loos, Minister Delegate for Industry at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, keynote speakers from public authorities, industry and market associations involved with ITEA 2, and presentations on three ITEA projects: SIRENA – web services from micro to macro systems; MOBILIZING THE INTERNET – making Internet and its services available to the nomadic user transparently and securely; and MAGELLAN – IP-based architecture for end-to-end multimedia service provisioning.


Focusing on practical results

A particularly important part of the Paris event will be an exhibition showing the practical results of European research on embedded and distributed software-intensive systems and services with participation from 35 ITEA and five EU Information Society Technology (IST) projects. Industry-oriented ITEA projects lead to valuable outcomes with far-reaching implications for the future commercial development of embedded software and so have a major impact on the competitiveness of European industry.


An Exhibitors’ Forum prior to the official start – but open to all symposium participants – will offer parallel practical technical workshops covering software engineering, network services and innovations for the consumer.


Premier European programme

ITEA 2 is Europe’s premier co-operative R&D programme leading research on embedded and distributed software-intensive systems and services. “Embedded software-intensive systems are a vital driver of innovation in Europe’s most competitive industries and a growth engine for Europe’s economy,” says Rudolf Haggenmüller, ITEA 2 Board Chairman. “The on-going revolution in these systems is providing us with a unique opportunity to strengthen our global leadership in this key area, fuelling economic growth and creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs.”


ITEA 2 builds on the success of the ITEA programme in the field of embedded intelligence. Reaction to the initial ITEA 2 Call for project proposals early this year highlights the ever-growing interest in this key area for a wide range of European industries – from road, rail and air transport, through communications and consumer electronics to healthcare and environmental management.

A major challenge for ITEA 2 is to double the total number of partners compared with ITEA, with an initial target of 800, of which 400 should be small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The earlier ITEA initiative managed 86 projects – 34 of which are still in progress – conducted by more than 500 partners from 25 European countries. The first ITEA 2 Call has already attracted more project proposals – 46 in all, of which 30 were invited to make Full Project Proposals – and more participants than ever recorded in ITEA calls. Of the 316 total proposed partners, some 191 were new to this series of programmes.


Close collaboration at national/international level

ITEA 2 works closely with other programmes at national and European level, more particularly with the other EUREKA cluster MEDEA+ and with the EU Framework Programmes in the area of IST.

At European level, the European Technology Platform initiatives in the domains of ICT, such as ARTEMIS, eMobility and NESSI have a common goal of defining and driving a co-ordinated European R&D strategy in software-intensive systems and services. ITEA 2 is developing strong partnerships with these initiatives.

At a country level, ITEA 2 works together with national and regional competitiveness clusters such as the Dutch Point-One and the French [email protected] Paris-Region: both will be present at the ITEA 2 symposium in Paris, with the latter providing direct support for the event.


Collaboration is equally important in specific sectors. Both ITEA 2 and ITEA have supported high definition television (HDTV) projects with success achieved in areas such as HD-ready products. HDTV is already becoming a commercial reality in Europe and elsewhere; transmission of the recent football World Cup in Germany in this new standard demonstrated the benefits. During the ITEA symposium, several European forums – including Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK – will be showing commercial HDTV-format programmes produced in their countries. In addition, the ITEA HD4U project will demonstrate how it is reducing the resources needed to broadcast high definition content.


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Editorial note:

ITEA 2 is grateful for support for the 2006 Symposium in Paris from:

  1. The French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry.
  2. The [email protected] PARIS-REGION Competitiveness Cluster that fosters innovation for economic development, competitiveness and employment. The Cluster involves over 200 industrial, academic and institutional players in the Paris region. Members work in partnership on R&D projects related to four booming target markets: telecommunications; security/defence; automotive/transport; and system design and development tools. The French government and local authorities have already provided financial support for 13 R&D projects.