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Press releases

Using ICT to deal with major societal challenges

ITEA 2 Symposium 2007, 18-19 October 2007, Berlin, Germany



for competitive software-intensive systems and services

ITEA 2 Symposium 2006, 5-6 October 2006, Paris, France

ITEA 2 software-intensive systems and services initiative receives EUREKA approval
EUREKA High Level Group meeting, Prague, 20 October 2005

ITEA and the next wave in the digital transition
6th ITEA Symposium, 13-14 October 2005, Helsinki, Finland

Our role in software-intensive systems
5th ITEA Symposium, 7-8 October 2004, Seville, Spain

EUREKA Clusters ITEA and MEDEA+ continue full speed ahead

Release of the ITEA Technology Roadmap for Software-Intensive Systems, Edition 2

ITEA - 4 more years
Advancing software-intensive systems
4th ITEA Symposium, 9-10 October 2003, Leuven, Belgium

Realizing the "Interconnected Home"
ITEA project HomeNet2Run at IFA 2003, press release 29 August 2003.


Building the digital future
3rd ITEA Symposium, 10-11 October 2002, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

ITEA and the European Software Landscape
2nd ITEA Symposium, 11-12 October 2001, Berlin, Germany

Release of the Technology Roadmap on Software Intensive Systems (1st edition)

European Software - Leapfrogging ahead
1st ITEA Symposium, 14-15 September 2000, Toulouse, France

Berlin, EUREKA Industry Forum, 6 April 2000

Istanbul, EUREKA Ministerial Conference, 29 June 1999.

Latest news
ITEA 2 Symposium 2007, Berlin, Germany, 18-19 October
ITEA 2 Inter-Cluster Call 2007
Four new Innovation Reports published
Opening of Second Call for Projects
Two new Innovation Reports published