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Past events


This section gives an overview of events in 2007 of ITEA / ITEA 2 and ITEA projects and of events with participation of ITEA / ITEA 2 or ITEA projects.   


ITEA 2 Symposium 2007


Our 2007 Symposium took place in the Berliner Congress Center (bcc) in Berlin, Germany on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October. It provided participants with a unique opportunity to gain an insight into one of Europe 's most important and strategic ICT initiatives.


The symposium programme was scheduled around this year’s overall theme: ‘Using ICT to deal with major societal challenges’.



18-19 October 2007


Berlin, Germany

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ITEA 2 Symposium 2007


Workshop SSMO’2007 of ITEA project SUMO ( co-located with IEEE GIIS’2007)


The ITEA project SUMO was calling for participation into the workshop SMMO’2007 – 1st International Workshop on Seamless Services MObility; "Towards 5-play Services". The workshop was co-located with the annuel event IEEE GIIS’2007; Global Information Infrastructure Symposium “Closing the Digital Divide”.

This one-day workshop intended to bring together researchers and professionals to discuss and address recent developments and challenges related to "on-the-fly" session continuity for communication and media services, relying on the available heterogeneous resources and adaptation techniques. The workshop intended to address all the topics related to seamless service continuity in mobile and wireless realm.



2 July, 2007


Marrakech, Morocco

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Workshop SSMO’2007 pdf-document - 171 kB

• Website workshop: SMMO’2007

• Website symposium: IEEE GIIS’2007.


The 1st European NFC competition

Touching the Future


NFC technology is expected to revolutionise mobile phone-based services, with the impact of new “touch” technology expected to match that of the point and click browser interface in the 1990’s.


In this context the NFC Forum and the ITEA project SmartTouch announced and invited teams to “Touching the Future”, the 1st European NFC Competition to promote innovation and excellence in NFC service development.


The goal of the competition was to promote the development of innovative and exemplary NFC services. Based on the paradigm of "the simplicity of a touch", the focus of this challenge was on the innovation, commercial potential and usability of the services as well as the quality of the design and implementation using NFC technology.


The event was looking for innovation and creativity in appliations that allow people to interact with objects and services using mobile devices. The competition also supported networking in the NFC community to excange ideas. 


18 April 2007


Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

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• NFC Competition 2007 pdf-document - 658 kB





The 'ICTDelta, het ICT-Innovatiecongres' (ICTDelta - the ICT-Knowledge congress) took place in Utrecht, on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 May.


ICTDelta is the successor to the 'ICT-Kenniscongres' aiming for participants of ICT-knowledge institutes and organisations, ICT-companies and ICT-users (organisations and companies that intensively use ICT for their primary business processes).


22 May - technological innovation

23 May - innovative applications of ICT


ITEA 2 participated in the exhibition ('ICT-Innovatiemarkt') on a stand together with our sister EUREKA ICT cluster programme MEDEA+ and the Dutch Pôle de Compétitivité on embedded systems Point-One



Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 May, 2007


Beatrix Theater, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Workshop OSSPL07 of ITEA project COSI (co-located with OSS 2007)


The ITEA project, COSI called for participation into the workshop,  OSSPL07 - Open Source Software and Productlines 2007. The workshop was co-located with the annuel event OSS 2007; The Third International Conference on Open Source Systems


Embedded industries have invested a lot in the introduction of software product lines in their software development. In addition, using open source software appears to be a profitable way to obtain good software. This is also applicable for organizations doing productline engineering. On the other hand,  because of the diverse use of open source software, product line development is an attractive way of working in open source communities. In fact, the configuration mechanisms used in open source  communities may be applicable within software product lines as well. In addition, product line organisations are usually involved in distributed development, which works very efficiently within open source communities. However, at resent, there is limited interaction between the open source and product line development communities.


The aim of the workshop was to explore what the two communities can learn from each other and to  develop a better understanding of how the two communities can benefit from each other. 



14 June, 2007


Limerick, Ireland


Frank van der Linden, Philips Medical Systems

Björn Lundell, University of Skövde

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Workshop OSSPL07 pdf-document - 169 kB

• More information about OSS 2007

• And more information about the the previous workshop ASSPL006 held during the SPLC 2006 conference in Baltimore.



Workshop session ITEA projects HD4U and PASSEPARTOUT

Two ITEA projects, HD4U and PASSEPARTOUT organised a workshop together with two MEDEA+ projects: BLAZE and PLANETS on subjects such as:

  • HDTV production and broadcasting
  • Scalable video compression technology

  • Image and HD Video Quality assessment

  • Unifying current and future video formats for HDTV and other applications

  • Smarter nodes and gateways in the home network

  • High-quality in home video distribution with QoS and neighbour network support

  • Ambient Multimedia platform

  • Blu-ray Middleware development

  • Enhanced content in the ambient home

Jean-Pierre Lacotte (HD Forum) gave a keynote speech on Deployment of HDTV broadcasting in Europe. 


1 March, 2007


Fabriekstraat 38 - 2547 Lint - Antwerp

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Participation fee: 30 Euro (including lunch and coffee breaks)


• Programme and registration form:  word-document - 94 kB


ITEA 2 Call 2 Project Outline preparation meeting

The 2nd Call for Projects of ITEA 2 opened 24 January 2007.


In order to help prepare a Project Outline, locate potential partners, join existing consortia or find out more about the specifics of this Call, ITEA 2 organised a two-day Project Outline preparation meeting, 24-25 January 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Participation was open to all those with an interest in our 2nd Call: those who already had a concrete project idea, or those companies that are engaged in technologies or product developments that may be relevant to other project ideas.


During the meeting the participants had the possibility to present their project idea(s) in a poster session. After this session the project ideas were grouped and discussed in several workgroup sessions, where initial projects were defined.


The meeting was visited by 147 participants, representing 45 universities and research institutes, 26 SMEs and 22 large companies (37 participants from France, 28 from Germany, 25 from Spain, 17 from Belgium, 12 from Finland,  10 from the Netherlands, 6 from Israel, 3 from Italy, 2 from Ireland, 1 from Denmark, 1 from Greece, 1 from Luxembourg, 1 from Norway, 1 from Portugal, 1 from Sweden and 1 from Turkey).


The deadline for Project Outlines is: 30 March 2007.



Date 24-25 January 2007
Location Düsseldorf, Germany
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