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ITEA and the next wave in the digital transition

Introduction of ITEA 2, the follow up to the ITEA research programme on software-intensive systems and services, was a highlight of the sixth annual ITEA Symposium in Helsinki , Finland on 13 and 14 October 2005.


There were more than 325 participants at the lively two-days event, which emphasised the vitality of ITEA, with presentations from politicians, industrialists and academics, demonstrations from some 40 projects in the project exhibition, and three parallel technical workshops on software engineering solutions, new businesses and trends in new media that allowed exhibitors to share their experiences.


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13 - 14 October, 2005

Location Helsinki, Finland



A conference on cooperative R&D in Information Technologies in Austria (Vienna region), organised by Danube, EUREKA, EuTeMA Technology Management, TU Wien, and Vienna IT Enterprise.

The Austrian EUREKA Office, as part of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, brought together about 70 participants to listen to Jean-Pierre Lacotte, presenting the ITEA programme, its objectives and the challenges the European IT-World is facing.

Four speakers, from the University of Technology of Vienna, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf and the Austrian SME APC Interactive Solutions AG made some presentations - from applied to research to results on the market. The presentation of APC Interactive Solutions AG about the application developed from the results of the ITEA project BEYOND was remarkable. The last presentation was dedicated to the national and international funding possibilities for IT projects.


7 March, 2005 - 16:30 - 19:00

Location Media Tower, Vienna, Austria
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http://www.ffg.at/eureka/ click on "Veranstaltungen".



The aim of the ITEA project TBONES (Transparent Backbone Optical NEtwork Simulator) is to design and to implement, for the first time, a simulator for scalable, multi-granularity switching capable, and transparent DWDM backbone optical networks, which operate a decentralised GMPLS control plane as well as an accommodated management plane.


Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) has become the protocol suite of choice for unified control plane implementation. However, its adoption is facing major challenges in terms of control plane feasibility, performance, and gain when migrating from legacy packet over circuit multi-layer networks driven by overlaid control planes.


The ITEA TBONES project aims at tackling both objectives through the development of a platform including network dimensioning and GMPLS control plane elements constituting such networks.


At IEEE Infocom 2005 the project demonstrated a GMPLS Unified Control Plane for Multi-Area Networks.


TBONES presented the methodological approach for the realization of the platform as well as the capabilities of the TBONES control plane emulator. Several experiments demonstrating its validity and capabilities including its applicability to multi-area networks were exhibited.


Demo project partners:
Alcatel Bell (Belgium)
Alcatel R&I (France)
Atos Origin (France)
University of Ghent - IMEC (Belgium)


The poster/demonstration sessions at IEEE Infocom 2005 provided a forum to present and discuss: works in progress, industry demonstrations of new applications and techniques, research testbeds and demonstrations, recent research and implementation results, upcoming research challenges, future directions, and novel approaches in the field of computer communications and networks.


TBONES demonstration:
Wednesday 16 March
Session 3: 10:30 - 13:00
Session 4: 13:30 - 16:00

13 - 17 March, 2005

Location Hyatt Hotel, Miami, Florida, USA
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• TBONES project leaflet
• TBONES website
• TBONES demonstration at IEEE INFOCOM 2005
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