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ITEA 2 Partner search


Welcome to the ITEA 2 Partner search


Looking for associates to discuss starting a new project? Perhaps you already have a clear project idea but still need partners? Or you want to join an existing consortium? This is a good place to search for and establish contact with people from other companies and institutes who are interested in participating in an ITEA 2 project.

The ITEA 2 Partner Search is a free on-line service that is open to all, which means that it can greatly facilitate the formation of consortia and the definition of project proposals. However, when using this medium for partner search, always be aware of the open nature of a public website.

You can use it to freely search for partners or project ideas - focusing on specific technologies, domains, or key applications - or you can refine your search with other keywords.

Note that you need to register if you want to be able to:

You can specify key technologies, domains, applications and other keywords and specify the type of partners you are looking for.

Registration, which is mandatory when you submit a project idea, gives you full control over your description, allowing you to revise and update it, invite partners to participate, and approve those who approach you. At any time you can decide to lock your project idea - thus closing the opportunity for new expressions of interest/requests for participation - or, if necessary, you can remove your idea from the ITEA 2 Partner Search database altogether.