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The Netherlands

National funding details



Estimated envelope / Percentage of funding

For calls in 2007:

  • Separate calls for international projects; no calls published yet for 2007 (2 calls expected) 
  • Budget for each call: approx. 8 million Euro
  • Dutch partners are eligible for subsidy percentages in the range of 25%-70%, depending on conditions (type of research/development; type of partner)
    • Research activities: 50%
    • Development activities: 25%
    • Bonus SME: +10%
    • Bonus EUREKA/ITEA 2 label (whole Dutch consortium): +10%
  • Maximum funding per project: 1 million Euro 
Funding situation / Application rules

Fixed calls:

  • Publication of dates for calls in 2007 to be announced end December 2006 
  • Open competition
  • All type of partners and combinations are possible: industries, SMEs, universities, R&D organisations, provided at least one Dutch company participates
  • Competition with EUREKA projects, EUREKA cluster projects, and R&D cooperation projects with USA, Japan and Singapore
  • Projects are evaluated and ranked according to the following criteria:
    • Technological innovation envisaged by Dutch partners
    • Economic perspective of Dutch partners
    • Quality of international cooperation
    • Ecological and social sustainability
  • Evaluation time =  2 months, excluding contract negotiation 
  • Success rate = approx. 25%
Formalities to be fulfilled
  • Possibility to apply for national funding before ITEA 2 labelling
  • ITEA 2 label is mandatory for eventual grant of subsidy
  • Subsidy instrument: “Innovatiesubsidie Samenwerkingsprojecten” (IS), for more information see: www.senternovem.nl/eureka
  • Application for IS scheme requires a separate project plan for the activities of Dutch participants
  • Main participant must be a company