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ITEA Technology Roadmap for Software-Intensive Systems, edition 2

Released in May 2004, this updated, enlarged report succeeds the 1st edition (published in March 2001), which has been widely recognised as a landmark document in the field of software-intensive systems. The report is intended for both software researchers and policy makers and maps out the future of software-intensive systems in Europe.
The many detailed scenarios within the 262-page document sketch a vision of the future in which embedded and networked systems - and related software technologies - play an increasingly important role.


Within the report, ITEA maps out five major application domains, all of which are crucial to European competitiveness: Home, Cyber Enterprise, Nomadic, Services & Software Creation and Intermediation Services & Infrastructures. Due to growing convergence, applications from different domains often share certain technologies, so we merged and clustered the results of the scenarios. The four main technology areas selected to cluster several hundred basic technologies are: Content, Infrastructures & Basic Services, Human-System Interaction, and Engineering.


Print copies

Print copies, which include a CD-ROM, are available for € 200 from the ITEA Office by completing the order form.


Executive summary (PDF version)

The Roadmap 2 Executive summary can be downloaded free of charge:
ITEA Roadmap edition 2 Executive summary pdf-document - 965 kB


Full document (PDF version)

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