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ITEA Technology Roadmap on Software Intensive Systems Edition 1

Our 'white paper' for strategists and policy makers is the Technology Roadmap on Software Intensive Systems. This describes the future impact of such systems on European industry, and how ITEA is building bridges between industrial and academic research. It contains detailed scenarios, focusing on three major domains: enterprise, the home, and people on the move. Its scope is constantly being extended. The 2nd edition has been released in May 2004.


The Roadmap provides a clear, consistent classification of the aspects of software technology that are vital to the creation of the new digital world linking the development of applications with advanced software engineering methodologies. This leads to more efficient and cost-effective design and is already providing significant input to national R&D programmes throughout Europe.

The team who devised the roadmap come from all over Europe - from France to Finland, from the Netherlands to Italy. They represent virtually all branches of industry and a wide variety of businesses, universities and research institutions.



Both the Executive Summary and the complete roadmap are available in a pdf format (320 Kbytes and 1478 Kbytes). As we are interested in the readers of our roadmap, we kindly request you to enter your coordinates in the form below (* = required field). After having submitted the form, you will be able to make your choice for the desired document.

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