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ITEA 2 Brief

The ITEA programme is a great European success story. Today, ITEA is the leading trans-national European co-operative R&D programme in Software-intensive Systems and essentially has put Europe back on the map in the emerging 'embedded intelligence' revolution.


The core challenge of ITEA 2 is to face up to the dramatic shift to embedded Software-intensive Systems that is affecting all aspects of everyday life.


Embedded, Software-intensive Systems are a cornerstone of Europe's most competitive industries and a growth engine for Europe's economy. They are a vital driver of innovation in sectors such as the automotive industry, high-speed trains, communications, aerospace, healthcare, consumer electronics and environmental management.


Maintaining European leadership

The current ITEA programme has played a key role in maintaining European leadership in embedded Software-intensive Systems and services since its launch in 1999. It was the first major initiative of European industry and public authorities to recognise the emerging importance of embedded and distributed systems.


Responding to the revolutionary challenges, ITEA 2 maintains the successful principal vision of ITEA, updated to the new global context, 'for Europe to maintain leadership in this new era of embedded Software-intensive Systems and Services building on key European strengths and industries'.

ITEA 2 Brief