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Innovation Reports

Services-oriented platform provides new approach to residential energy sector

ITEA project SHOPS, March 2007

pdf-document - 349 kB


The newspaper on the digital road
the DigiNews perspective 

ITEA project DIGINEWS, March 2007

pdf-document - 484 kB


A vision of personalised connected living based on real people insights

ITEA project AMEC, March 2007

pdf-document - 1.545 kB


Speeding up embedded software development
Application of agile processes in complex systems development projects

ITEA project AGILE, March 2007

pdf-document - 849 kB


Market enabler for retargetable COTS components in the embedded domain

ITEA project MERCED, October 2006

pdf-document - 531 kB


Services for gaming-on-demand

Combined application-layer adaptation and cross-domain network management

ITEA project MAGELLAN, October 2006

pdf-document - 898 kB


The explosive growth of service-oriented architecture adoption

ITEA project SIRENA, March 2006

pdf-document - 238 kB


Web services - A NOMADIC MEDEA perspective

ITEA project NOMADIC MEDIA, March 2006

pdf-document - 1.110 kB


Content protection systems

ITEA project COPS, March 2006

pdf-document - 156 kB


Advanced Test Processes using TTCN-3

ITEA project TT-MEDAL, March 2006

pdf-document - 499 kB


Home-to-Home UPnP - transparent access to remote devices


pdf-document - 239 kB