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National funding details



Estimated envelope / Percentage of funding
  • No fixed budget for ITEA 2 projects.
  • Funding rate depends on the type of research and the type of the partner; universities can receive up to 100%, companies typically receive 35% - 55% funding.
Funding situation / Application rules

For main funding body (Federal Ministry for Education and Research):

  • open call; often in conjunction with national programs
  • only projects with partners both from industry and research are considered
  • two-stage application process (project outline, full project proposal) for German consortium

Sometimes other funding bodies / ministries are involved (depending on the topic).

Formalities to be fulfilled
  • An appropriate project contribution by the German industry is expected.
  • In the Project Outline stage: about 2-3 pages additional informal description (in German) containing information about the objective and the interests of the German partners in the project, requested funding and further relevant information. Deadline for submission is 2007-04-25.
  • In the Full Project Proposal stage: several forms to be filled (software available).
  • After ITEA 2-labelling AND positive response from the German Public Authorities: detailed description (in German) for the German part of the project (objective, work plan, exploitation plan per partner) and a formal application via "easy: (http://www.kp.dlr.de/profi/easy/index.htm) for every German project partner. Deadline for submission is 2008-01-31.