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All 37 countries that are part of the EUREKA framework can provide financial support to ITEA 2 projects.


The partners within a consortium engaged in an ITEA 2 project are funded directly by the governments of their respective countries, according to national funding procedures. In order to prepare a successful proposal, you need to be aware that there may be significant differences in these procedures. You must therefore make sure that your Project Proposal fits within national Public Authorities' priorities and funding rules before you submit it to ITEA 2.


To help you check this, we provide contact details for various national Public Authorities that support and coordinate the funding of ITEA 2 projects (the ITEA 2 Authorities Committee - ITAC). You need to be in touch with them at each stage of preparing your proposal in order to maximise the chances of a successful project.


For countries not represented in ITAC, you should contact the appropriate EUREKA National Project Coordinator.


National applications for funding should be submitted as soon as possible after the ITEA 2 labelling, but no later than end of January (of the year following the ITEA 2 labelling).