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FPP phase

How to submit a Full Project Proposal

After pre-labelling (the PO phase), successful candidates are requested to submit Full Project Proposals (FPPs). These are evaluated by the ITEA 2 Steering Group. Based on these evaluation results and the feedback of the Public Authorities, the ITEA 2 Board Support Group will give a recommendation for labelling to the ITEA 2 Board. The ITEA 2 Board will then decide on the labelling of the project proposals.


In order to help those not familiar with making an ITEA 2 project proposal (Project Outline and/or Full Project Proposal) and/or coordinating an ITEA 2 project, we have prepared a a Project Proposer handbook pdf-document - 2.850 kB


The FPP is more detailed than the PO. It must contain a project work plan, market positioning statement and analysis of the competition. What's more, it must describe any innovative aspects with respect to state-of-the-art technology and realistic prospects for exploitation.


Please pay special attention to the comments and requests contained in the PO Evaluation Report and comments from Public Authorities. Don't hesitate to get in touch, via the ITEA Office, with an ITEA 2 Steering Group reviewer to discuss these comments.


The FPP must be prepared according to the FPP guidelines, using the FPP template and the required project statistics sheet. All these documents are included in one zip-file.


Please send your FPP either as as a file attachment by e-mail to ITEA 2  or upload them to our website before the submission deadline (see time schedule).


An FPP Briefing session will be organised to support you with preparations and to answer any questions.



Time schedule ITEA 2 Call 2
Full Project Proposal briefing meeting 7 June 2007
Deadline for submission of Full Project Proposals 21 September 2007
Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) 28 September 2007
Labelling of projects 30 October 2007
Announcement of labelling results 31 October 2007
Deadline for national funding applications  Late 2007/early 2008 



Evaluation and selection criteria:


Ideally a consortium should include partners from large industries, SMEs and universities/research institutes. The preferred project size is between 40 and 300 person-years.


Your FPP will be evaluated and selected according to the following criteria: 

The main focus in the FPP phase is on the following five criteria:

While preparing the FPP, you must keep in touch with the Public Authorities in all participating countries in order to ensure that your proposal fits within each country's priorities and funding rules. For contact details, click on National Funding.


Partners participating in ITEA 2 for the first time (also those who participated earlier in the current ITEA programme!) are required to submit a Declaration of Acceptance of the ITEA 2 Frame Agreement. These letters must be:

Finally, after labelling, a Project Consortium Agreement (PCA) must be signed by all partners. This details the cooperation between the project partners (contractors and subcontractors, where applicable). For some Public Authorities, the PCA - signed by all of the partners - is a prerequisite for funding. => Model contract PCA - ITEA 2 word-document - 107 kB

ITEA Roadmap domains & technologies

The 5 application domains:

The 11 categories of enabling technologies