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Call procedure

Submitting a project in ITEA 2

Each ITEA 2 Call involves a standard two-step procedure:


In the first (pre-labelling) step, brief Project Outlines (POs) are submitted. If successfully evaluated, project teams are invited to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP).


Based on the technical evaluation by the ITEA 2 Steering Group and the feedback of the Public Authorities, the ITEA 2 Board Support Group will advice the ITEA 2 Board on the labelling. If a project proposal is approved by the ITEA 2 Board it receives the ITEA 2 (EUREKA-endorsed) label. With this label, project participants can apply for funding in their own countries.


The two-step procedure:


ITEA 2 call process

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The minimum requirement for a project to start is funding approval for two companies in at least two countries.



Time schedule ITEA 2 Call 2
Opening of the Call 24 January 2007
Project Outline preparation meeting 24-25 January 2007

Düsseldorf, Germany

Deadline for submission of Project Outlines 30 March 2007
Letter of Intent (LoI) 17 April 2007
Announcement of evaluation results of Project Outlines 1 June 2007
Full Project Proposal briefing meeting 7 June 2007
Deadline for submission of Full Project Proposals 21 September 2007
Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) 28 September 2007
Labelling of projects 30 October 2007
Announcement of labelling results 31 October 2007
Deadline for national funding applications  Late 2007/early 2008 




For more information on the procedure for ITEA 2 Calls for Projects, please get in touch with our programme coordinators  Erik Rodenbach and Antoine Pery by email or call +31 40 247 5590.

ITEA Roadmap domains & technologies

The 5 application domains:

The 11 categories of enabling technologies