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National funding details 



Estimated envelope / Percentage of funding
  • In 2002 & 2003: 7 - 7,5 MÄ (including clusters). For 2004 this trend is likely to be confirmed.
  • Tendency: more projects for the same envelope. Up to 50% made available as a combination of grants and loans. In some regions possibilities for receiving additional grants of 10%.
Funding situation / Application rules

Two funding bodies:


Austrian Industrial Research Fund (FFW)

  • For projects with an economical focus, return on investment for Austria is a prerequisite.
  • Industries & SMEs; Academia not excluded (the best is that Academia are partner WITH a company.


Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

  • For projects with an scientific focus, more focused basic research
  • Universities and Research institutes; Industries and SMEs not excluded.
Formalities to be fulfilled
  • National Application Form in German or English (can be based on the ITEA 2 Full Project Proposal)
  • The ITEA 2 Full Project Proposal may be joined to the application.

Austrian Industrial Research Fund (FFW)

  • duration for evaluation: approx. 3 months
    success rate: high
  • (in 2004, 91% of the applications were funded with a mix of loan and grant equivalent to approx. 22% grant)

Austrian Industrial Research Fund (FFW)

  • duration of evaluation: 6 - 10 months
  • success rate: low; basic research oriented