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Third ITEA Achievement Award

Leuven, 9 October 2003

2003 ITEA Achievement award press release word-document - 229 kB


Information Technology for European Advancement - ITEA - is Europe's premier cooperative programme for pre-competitive R&D, set up to strengthen European industry by establishing leadership in embedded and distributed software (the technology behind crucial applications).


The companies that participate in ITEA share a vision of how to spread the use of digital software technology in the home, in businesses, on the move, in services and in software creation itself. The projects focus on building platforms and/or APIs, proposing new architectures, and producing de facto or de jure standards. They provide the basis for the next generation of products, systems, appliances and services that will be produced and sold worldwide.


This huge effort is based on close cooperation between European National Public Authorities the ITEA founding companies, a variety of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and start-up companies, universities and research institutes.


The ITEA Board instituted the ITEA Achievement Award to reward high-level technical contributions based on true European collaboration that lead to significant results and thus further promote the programme and its goals.


The 2003 ITEA Achievement Award


Each year this prestigious honour highlights a highly successful project that represents best practice. Major factors in deciding this year's award - which was presented by Prince Filip of Belgium during the symposium dinner - were innovation, exploitation and dissemination. As ITEA aims to make Europe's industry more competitive, effective industrial exploitation of the results of projects is crucial. Such results can be used in various ways, for example via:

The Board selected a project in the category 'preparing for the future' called AMBIENCE (Context Aware Environment for Ambient Services).


The aim of AMBIENCE is to develop the key capabilities needed for the creation of ambient intelligent environments, systems and products. Ambient intelligence is an exciting new concept in information technology which empowers people and improves their quality of life by providing a digital environment that's conscious of their presence and both sensitive and responsive to their needs, habits, gestures and emotions.


The AMBIENCE team has already generated concepts for these ambient intelligent environments and investigated the architectures, methods and tools required to develop and power them. The project team is integrating the relevant technologies into prototype systems for demonstrating and evaluating home, professional and indoor mobile applications.

Systems currently in development include an ambient intelligent home which boasts an interactive personal robot; a smart design studio controlled by speech and gesture; and an intelligent office with the potential for remotely linking office environments, which enables users to locate people, places and meetings by deploying intelligent positioning systems.


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