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The 2001 ITEA Achievement Award

2001 ITEA Achievement award press release word-document - 474 kB


ITEA is a unique technology programme designed to develop the software that will make Europe’s industries more innovative and thus more competitive.


The major companies that participate in ITEA share a vision of how to spread the use of digital software technology in the home, in businesses, on the move, in services and in software creation itself. The vision is constantly updated through what we call "road-mapping" – exploring new avenues of R&D in a dynamic, rapidly changing world.


This vision is embodied in ITEA projects, which further the fortunes of European industry by helping to develop the technology behind crucial applications. The projects focus on building platforms and/or APIs, proposing new architectures, and producing de facto or de jure standards. They provide the basis for the next generation of products, systems, appliances and services that will be produced and sold worldwide by European companies.


This huge effort can only succeed with full European collaboration at all levels. Besides the ITEA founding companies, many other participants are involved, first and foremost European National Public Authorities. Start-up companies and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are also key partners in this innovation challenge, as are universities and research institutes.


The Board of ITEA is determined to highlight concrete examples of best practice by acknowledging outstanding achievements – high-level technical contributions based on true European collaboration that lead to significant results and thus further promote the programme and its goals.


With this end in mind, the Board has decided to present an annual ITEA Achievement Award. The first recipients were honoured during the second ITEA Symposium, held on 11 and 12 October, 2001 in Berlin.


The 2001 ITEA Achievement Award

In 2001, the ITEA Award was presented to the members of the core team who worked on developing the ITEA Technology Roadmap on Software-Intensive Systems.


This landmark document, which was released earlier this year, provides a clear and consistent classification of the aspects of software technology that are crucial to the creation of the digital world and a map showing how to get there. It also illustrates efficient ways to link the development of applications with core technologies.


This was a truly European effort: the core team, as well as the other experts who participated in workshops, come from a broad cross-section of European countries. What’s more, they represent all facets of industry, all kinds of businesses, universities and research institutions.


The Roadmap has greatly enhanced general awareness of ITEA and its mission. In the first weeks that it was available on the ITEA Web site1, it was downloaded almost a thousand times by interested parties from all around the world, with particularly strong demand from the USA. It is already providing significant input to national R&D programmes in Europe and the European Commission is using it in planning the next Framework programme.


Ger van der Broek (Philips Research,The Netherlands) led the team. The other members were: Ivo Bolsens (IMEC, Belgium)2, Theo von Bomhard (Robert Bosch, Germany), Zoely Canela (Alcatel, France), Giorgio Gallassi (Italtel, Italy), Wolfgang Klingenberg (Robert Bosch, Germany), Michel Riguidel (Thales, France)3, Franz-Josef Stewing (Dr. Materna, Germany), and Tapio Tallgren (Nokia, Finland).


1. http://www.itea-office.org/documents/itea_roadmap_download.htm
2. Currently Vice President and CTO at Xilinx, Inc., San Jose, California, USA
3. Currently director of the department Informatics and Research, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, France